Daisy van der Zijden is an award-winning artist based in The Netherlands, specialized in photorealistic drawings.

Here passion is connected strongly to the medium of pencil. Using graphite, pastel and colored pencil. Daisy has known from an early age what she wants to be " an artist"

When she turned 17 she found a pencil and a sheet of printing paper and started drawing to make the portrait of Michael Jackson. From then on she knew for sure, making her career in Art. Since then she has been non stop practicing and drawing, human portraits, landscapes and wildlife art.

When she was about 18 years old, she started accepting commission works. She did this for 8 years. Currently, Daisy wants to focus more now on drawing wildlife animals. This is actually her biggest passion. "The power of putting a wild animal on paper and watching it almost come to life is the most beautiful thing there is."

She is an award-winning artist and has won Awards for her works such as "Magical Power!" and the Artwork "Dangerous Water."

She sharing her process on social media, there you can see here step by step photos and videos and can you see how the drawings come to life, little by little.